Program Development and Evaluation

Our consulting practice offers a full suite of comprehensive services ranging from building a new cardiac care program from Certificate of Need to successful cardiac service or evaluating existing programs on workflow, protocols, staffing patterns, clinical pathways, and existing facilities.  We work with our clients to identify and recruit clinicians and other support personnel required to the run a cardiac program.  Our clients gain membership to an elite group of Columbia HeartSource affiliates.  These networks of institutions are provided with the opportunity to interact with a diverse group of leaders within their disciplines and by attending a variety of educational conferences and events.

We build new cardiac care programs from pre-Certificate of Need to successful cardiac surgical service by:

  • Assisting in designing and managing construction of clinical and support space required for a successful cardiac surgery program;
  • Facilitating appropriate coverage and support arrangements for anesthesia, perfusion, and the operating environment;
  • Recruiting faculty;
  • Providing strategic planning for integration of surgical services with the institution's cardiac service-line;
  • Furnishing clinical supervision and support; and
  • Establishing a robust reputation and referral community for the program.

For existing programs we perform a myriad of services including:

  • Performing a comprehensive review of workflow, clinical and nursing protocols, staffing patterns, clinical pathways, and existing facilities;

  • Recommending how to improve outcomes and maximize efficiency, including implementing a system of quality assessment;

  • Working with hospital executives in designing leadership for transition and change and furnishing clinical supervision to help return the program to efficient operation;

  • Working with the program’s physicians and helping the client recruit new physicians to help build a team with top-notch clinical, leadership, and research skills;

  • Assisting in optimizing professional billing to help secure the maximum reimbursement allowed by managed care, Medicare, Medicaid, and direct patient payment.



Top tier academic physicians can bring renown and expertise to a community cardiac program.  With decades of experience in recruiting our own physicians, Columbia has developed expertise in screening candidates for clinical and professional capability and will utilize this expertise to help our clients by:

  • Working closely with the client to identify and recruit highly competent cardiac physicians and make an appropriate match.  To help accomplish this, Columbia HeartSource draws upon the Department of Surgery's in-depth knowledge of the cardiac care community as a whole, as well as the skilled physicians trained in the cardiovascular services residency program at Columbia;
  • Targeting physicians who understand how to relate to a referral community and who are capable of providing leadership both within their cardiac program and in the clinical affairs of the institution as a whole.
  • Each physician that Columbia HeartSource helps to recruit is given an opportunity to apply for a Columbia faculty appointment, as are qualified physicians already on a client's staff.
  • Assisting in the recruitment of support personnel essential for the operation of a cardiovascular services program.